What is the future restaurant?

It won’t take long for the restaurant model we’re used to for us to have a huge change: highly intelligent, all robots;

There is a prediction that up to 50% of jobs will be automated by the late 1930s, and restaurant staff seem to be vulnerable to being replaced;

“Many of the work in the restaurant is now automated,” said Rebecca Chesney of the Future Research Institute in the United States. “Now robots can already mimic human cooking.”

Annual Chef: Robot

In 2014, the Future Research Institute of the United States invented a “power machine” that can make hamburgers in batches like a printer copying paper. The robot can press the meat into a patties, cut off the excess, and then add all the ingredients to a luxurious sandwich.

As reported by Xconomy, a well-known news website in the United States, the prototype of a power machine can replace two or three food processing lines. It can be roughly calculated, saving up to $90,000 in calculated salary and indirect costs in one year, and customers can eat it every time. A well-made hamburger that is almost identical in quality.