MaZhaZha Hongqigong blooms on the international stage and has reached a strategic cooperation with Yifei International Group

Recently, the hemp residue Hong Qigong string incense hot pot and Canada Yifei International Group formally reached a strategic cooperation. As a well-known string of incense pot brands in China, Majiu Hongqi has been recognized and sought after by many consumers for its unique taste, innovative products and excellent service. This time, together with the international alliance of Yifei International Group, the slag slag Hongqi not only promoted the Chinese food culture, but also made Sichuan’s local specialties go abroad and opened up a new road to the international market.

Hemp residue Hongqigong is the main brand of Sichuan Tianlong Bawei Restaurant Management Co., Ltd., headquartered in Deyang City, Sichuan Province. Hemp residue Hong Qigong inherits the essence of Sichuan hot pot, focusing on the research and development of the core technology secret recipe of Chuan Xiang Xiang, based on the traditional secret recipe and production process, combined with modern advanced production technology, constantly innovating.

On the dishes, the dregs slag Hongqigong string incense hot pot is characterized by many, Qi and fresh. Now it has hundreds of special dishes such as Dragon’s Eighteen Palms, One Light Beef and Jiuyin Pork Ribs, creating a half-step episode with laughter and After the cooperation between the two parties, the two parties will not only introduce special dishes with traditional Chinese culture to foreign countries, but also continue to enrich the variety of dishes according to the market and cooperation progress, promote new product development and promote the market to meet the needs of different consumers. Taste demand, in the strategic formation of business complementarity, resource sharing development pattern.

In terms of taste, the slag slag Hong Qigong string incense hot pot is mainly characterized by hemp, spicy, fresh and fragrant bottom materials. It always adheres to the core values ​​of “carefully prepare the material and restore the old taste”, and innovates the unique bottom of the old shop. In the formula of ingredients, in the process of frying the bottom ingredients, the ingredients are placed in order, the heat is carefully controlled, the special Chinese herbal medicine spices are added, no preservatives are added, the food is not cooked, and the food is not greasy, not only for foreign consumers. The bold and spicy, intoxicating numbness and unforgettable fragrance make them feel the exquisite Chinese traditional skills and the unique passion of the Chinese Ba-Shu people.

In the decoration style, the dregs slag Hong Qigong string incense hot pot is mainly composed of antique style, full shop peach flower with wooden table soft chair, restores an antique peach island, Xian Xia complex sighs, so the theme of Chinese culture It will make foreign consumers linger and forget.

Under the leadership of the founder, the company adheres to the principle of people-oriented, customer-oriented, affordable price, rich dishes, unique taste, caring service, personalized theme and principle of good faith management. Serving the public, in the country, the business in the store is hot every day, and the scene waiting in line during peak hours will be re-emerged abroad.

The person in charge of the slag slag Hong Qigong string incense hot pot said, “We are very pleased to have a strategic cooperation with Yifei International Group to jointly introduce the special products of our country with traditional food culture to foreign countries, so that more consumers can taste it. The development of Zhahong Qigong has become a representative of China’s catering specialty brands. We have already detonated the major cities in Sichuan and gained a good reputation. This time, we are in line with the international platform, which not only enhances the international influence of our brand, but also slag. The unique atmosphere of Xian Xia, which is unique to Zhahong’s seven public, will surely be loved by more international friends. We can eat our authentic Chinese skewers without going abroad, satisfying their urgent need for Chinese cuisine.”

At present, hemp slag Hongqigong has more than 10 regional branches, nearly 400 domestic franchise stores (60,000 franchise fee, 190,000 regional agents, can join the world), all over the country. With the acceleration of the external development of the slag slag Hongqigong, through this cooperation, consumers can taste the slag slag Hongqiong string incense hot pot in the main cities of Canada, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and other cities. .

In the future, under the guidance of the “One Belt, One Road” policy, the slag slag Hongqi will work hard to promote foreign exchanges and cooperation, actively develop foreign markets, and help the internationalization of Chinese cuisine.