A pair of ace skewers that are better than hot pots.

Hong Qigong by Jin Yong

A lifetime of happiness and enmity

Even if it is bitten by a poisonous snake of Western poison Ouyang Feng

The first thing I worry about is that I can’t eat so much more delicious.

Make people angry and funny

Eating is his greatest pleasure

Now he is coming to our Toronto, Canada!

Do not love to call the chicken, but opened the string of incense!

In the end, it’s delicious skewers.

Let the “breaking finger pledge” no longer greedy the food of Hong Qigong

Can’t stand it

Also attracted a lot of food to come! ! !

Feel the popularity of domestic stores

Hemp residue Hongqi all domestic branches opened a fire!

Even the noon store is full of people.

Let’s take a look at the live solutions of domestic stores!

Hundreds of + string! You can’t straighten your waist!

New dishes! Come and try it early~

The dishes are all after the chefs personally purchase, the same day the string is now sold, there is a special atomizing water spray device, only to ensure that the ingredients are the freshest every moment of! !

Beef, yellow throat, duck, Melaleuca belly, tripe, squid …… audience than one hundred kinds of dishes, and constantly updated dishes, you get soft, you choose to vertigo. Especially following these specialties, do not miss!

Featured beef skewers

Hong Qigong’s beef series is a must-eat, all of which are made with the finest “cucumber” beef, which has a wide variety of styles, such as scorpion coriander beef, carrot beef, celery beef, yak root beef, etc. The scent is mixed with the savory flavor and it is delicious to stop!

The bamboo shoots and the beef itself are the perfect match, and the soft small bamboo shoots will make the meat qualitysmooth taste to the extreme, full of fragrance~

One hand! Slowly cook in a small pot! It’s all meaty when you bite it! The unique aroma of coriander is full of taste buds. The wonderful thing is that it does not cover up the meat of beef!

The ginger gives the beef a unique taste, and it is also added to the leeks to add flavor. It is rich and layered. It is delicious enough to eat the original soup is not smashed!

Spicy County Liver

Carefully marinated county liver, Long-cooked will not mian, it tastes crispy ~ and a signature on the two large pieces, the weight is good!


Eat the knot, you have to start the pot, and finally come back to eat; cooked knot skin soft inside, bite a bite, the oil is in the mouth, the taste is stimulated to burst!

waist film

The smooth and tender taste of the waist piece is the perfect match with the dry dish. The dry dish mixed with various spices makes the waist piece feel no trace of astringency.


When pickling, it is fat and even, and the meat has a layered “two-knife meat”. After the pot is wrapped in red oil, you will be coveted, and the entrance will be fragrant, so that you can’t let go.

Mao belly

How can you eat a bunch of skewers! The fried chicken is fresh and is torn every day. Look at this distinct thorn, you will know how fresh it is. The pot is smashed into a micro-volume, you can eat it, and the entrance is crispy!

Duck intestine

8 seconds! 8 seconds! 8 seconds! This thick and long duck intestine takes only 8 seconds, you can have spicy and crispy flying! Simply can not stop!

Brain flower

If the bottom of the thick and fragrant butter is not the next brain, it will be a bit of a loss. (More dishes, please go to the store for tasting)

There are also a dozen kinds of primes waiting for you to unlock, the weight is solid and cheap, absolutely value!

If you don’t drink alcohol, you can have a cup of plum juice or orange juice. It’s sour and sweet. When you are hot, you can calm your tongue with a mouthful.

The bottom of the incense pot

Put the string in the boiling pot and sway up and down, just use it to drool! This a pot of appetite, bright red color is the essence of the string.

Hong Qi Gong string incense pot bottom light is spices are added 18 kinds, 8 kinds of peppers soaked on a night to go to dry, simmer, stir-fry, after the secret recipe, patiently cursed .

The small material is also full of rivers and lakes, dozens of kinds of materials are free to pick up, and customized version of sesame oil, dry disc oil disc free choice, willful match!

Specially prepared with a signature on both sides of the pot, it will not be messy when you eat a lot of strings on the table., clean and hygienic, so humanized operation, Hong Qigong is too intimate !

Feel the martial arts style, enter a dream in the rivers and lakes

This is an

Rivers and lakes filled with martial arts novelstemperament

It is rare to see a store that directly moved Jin Yong’s novels like this. The hemp residue Hong Qigong used the wind of the “God of the Condor Heroes” to the fullest, and it was hard to make a peach blossom island in the store.

In addition to a piece of peach blossom, the South Emperor Beiji Dongxiexi poison was made into a box. Soft chair wooden table, full of dazzling; everywhere cut off, patchwork. The various elements and details make people feel like they have crossed the martial arts world of Jin Yong.

The hand-painted murals on the wall depict the scene of Guo Jing Huang Rong sitting under the peach tree and enjoying the wine with the people. The atmosphere is fun and interesting.

Eating string here, I always feel that I have also passed back to the river of joy and happiness.

One pot is boiling, Shengjin, spicy and delicious!

Some people have rivers and lakes.

There are Hongqi hemp residue to eat string

Five lakes and four seas are brothers!

Now, Hong Qigong is coming to Canada! Hong Qigong’s first store in Canada will be the largest and most luxurious indoor shopping mall in Wangjin – Wangfujing! And in addition to the traditional buttery hot pot bottom, the store in Canada also has a secret soup pot bottom and a tomato pot bottom! The taste is not enough! ! With the slag slag Hong Qigong, the tide people can go shopping here and eat and eat for a day is not too boring!

Before the opening of the business, the slag residue Hongqi will send a large wave of special value! Quickly scan the QR code below to avoid missing the offer!

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